“Raymond has a remarkable capacity to match the client to the best treatment, and has provided countless clients with varying problems with that special impetus that they need to get well. He is wonderful in a crisis and has an ability to empathise with people that shines through.”
(A Consultant Psychiatrist)

“Raymond is an excellent Counsellor and it has been a great pleasure working with someone whose insights and counselling skills are of such a high calibre. Patients of mine who have been fortunate enough to be under his care have all been of the opinion that they have been helped enormously by him”.
(A Consultant Psychiatrist)

“I had been suffering from depression and lack of motivation for years, and after seeing other Therapists, Raymond was the first one who really helped me. He  didn’t just endlessly talk around the problem, but actually found ways of changing my thinking and behaving that led to real solutions to my problems”.
(A Patient)

“I went to see Raymond in despair. I had had a gambling addiction for many years and the other Counsellors I saw knew nothing about gambling. They cared but they didn’t know how to help. Raymond helped me to stop gambling, and also on a practical level to employ debt management, and without that weight being lifted any therapy would not have worked”.
(A Problem Gambler)

“My husband and I were at our wits end as to what to do with our teenage son who was taking drugs on a daily basis. He had seen other people but they did not understand addiction. Raymond not only helped our son stop a spiral of self destruction but he also helped us, the family, enormously, in educating us in how to effectively deal with our son and our own lives at the same time”.
(A Parent)