I utilise an integrative approach to treatment combining CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) with MET (Motivational Enhancement Therapy) and the Minnesota Model if appropriate. I also employ various Relapse Prevention techniques and Solution Based Therapies. These therapies are very effective in treating alcoholism, drug addiction and problem gambling.

CBT aims to change negative thinking and therefore change the emotional reactions such as depression or anxiety, that these negative thoughts trigger. It also aims to help sufferers and their families to adopt a way of thinking to deal with the problem of alcohol, drugs or gambling addiction.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy uses strategies to motivate people to move forward from unhealthy situations and consider healthier alternatives, leading to acting on these reflections, and that being freed from a dependency on alcohol, drugs or gambling can change a life.

Relapse Prevention is designed to prevent people from slipping back into old, negative ways of thinking and behaving and returning to alcohol, drugs or gambling.

Solution Based Therapies will look for pragmatic approaches to resolve your addiction problems, this would employ both psychological and practical strategies.

I treat clients on an individual 1-1 basis and will also facilitate groups if the requirement is there. All these approaches can also be used to help treat families and partners.

I strongly feel that treatment should be based around respect, empathy, education, and motivation and that therapy should ultimately be more than just talking and should bring about positive change in a person leading to a more rewarding life.

Consulting Rooms are in Rye, East Sussex.